10 Million Man Hours Drives UAE Rail Network Toward First St

Etihad Rail has announced that 10 million man hours have been put into building its rail network over the last 250 days of construction. The first phase of the rail network, between the sulphur fields of Shah and Habshan to the port of Ruwais, is scheduled for completion at the end of 2014.

Two trains will move 22,000 tonnes of sulphur a day along the route of the first phase of UAE’s railway network, making the country one of the world’s biggest sulphur exporter and helping it diversify from its primary export, oil.

The project is being run by two companies, Parsons and Aecom. Due to their diligent project management there have been no injuries among workers that have stopped them from working, showing an impeccable safety record for the construction of the railway. This is particularly good news given the challenging desert conditions of the UAE’s Western Region where the construction is taking place.

The network will be expanded to include three other ports in the UAE and will eventually include passenger stations for its part of the GCC Railway Network.


Source: http://www.menarailnews.com