Sultanate to host ‘Localisation of Railway Industries in GCC

The Ministry of Transport and Communications will host on September 15 and 16 the ‘Localisation of Railway Industries in the GCC Countries’ Conference.

This is the first joint conference which seeks to unite the efforts of the GCC countries to localise

industries and services in railway and metro, and to highlight the vision towards a sustainable development of the economies of the GCC countries by maximising the investments in this sector.

The conference will highlight the manufacturing, service and training opportunities available to investors

and the private sector, including small and medium-sized enterprises in all GCC countries projects.

The conference will discuss the obstacles and challenges to the participation of the private sector to actively take part in the railway sector and the development of policies and plans to overcome these barriers and to stimulate private sector involvement.

Selected speakers and experts in the field of localisation of industries, services and training will take part in the conference together with decision-makers in the sector of railway and metro in the GCC countries.

It is expected that the conference will attract a broad attendance of companies and investment institutions in the GCC countries and the world’s leading companies in manufacturing and implementation of projects.

The conference is a unique platform for those wishing to make the most of these projects by meeting directly with decision makers and managers of these projects in the GCC States under one roof. — ONA