Oman Railway Company floats pre-qualification tender

Oman Railway Company (ORC) has floated the pre-qualification tender for the local and international companies that have the capacity and ability to apply for the pre-qualification stage to implement Oman's national railway project. The tender includes two lists for pre-qualification, infrastructure and IT systems.
The qualified companies list will be valid for four years. The construction tender will be for the first part (Al Buraimi-Sohar). The other parts, which connect Salalah and A'Duqm ports with the GCC ports, will be limited to the companies that qualified at this tender only.
ORC said that upon completing the pre-qualification stage, which will coincide with completing the design of the first part (Al Buraimi-Sohar) in August 2014, the company will float the execution tender to companies that have been pre-qualified for infrastructure, subject that they use the companies that qualified for the IT systems as subcontractors.
The railway project, one of the strategic and key projects in the Sultanate, aims at enabling the Sultanate's communication system to be an active, effective and sustainable source of growth for the Omani economy.
Oman's ambitious 2,244 km-long national railway project powered ahead in first week of February as the government signed three agreements for the building of the network. 
It will also enable Omani ports to be international hubs and enhances trade activity in the Sultanate. The project also aims at providing opportunities for setting up new industries and services that serve to contribute in the growth of the GDP and creating specialised job opportunities. Integrating the marine, railway, land and airport transport sectors and building up a highly competitive, secure and effective transportation system are also the objectives of the said project. It also aims at building the Omani capacities that ensure sustainable development of the sector.

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