Rail plan set to bring economic boom for Buraimi

The opening of the Sohar-Al Buraimi rail line, which will be the first section of the national rail network to become operational, will give the much-needed impetus for Al Buraimi’s economic advancement, Governor of Al Buraimi HE Sayyid Ibrahim Al Busaidi told Oman Tribune on Wednesday.

This section “will be the first to become operational according to information we have received from the Ministry of Transport and Communications,” he said.

Al Buraimi is the “entrance to Oman from the west”, especially the prosperous corridor stretching right up to Abu Dhabi and in the coming years “we will see freight from industrial areas like Duqm and Salalah pass through the governorate” into the UAE, he added. 

A rail link, passenger and goods stations will make the governorate of 100,000 people a “hub for freight traffic” and alongside these will emerge a new city centre and residential area for people to work and reside. 

Al Busaidi said the “rail link will reduce movement of large trucks on the highways making them safer”.

He was seeking investment in real estate and setting up of three and four-star hotels in the governorate, whose adjacent city in the UAE is Al Ain. Currently it has 1,000 hotel rooms. He wants “good quality housing” to retain talent. 

In the industrial areas there was investment in import and re-export business and cold storage. Other industries include, cement, mining and marble. Al Busaidi said they have taken precautions to see that effluents do not pollute the surroundings.

The governorate is also improving its infrastructure in areas like roads, water and electricity. It has also invested in education, and skills will be available through institutions like the new University of Buraimi and the University College of Al Buraimi, he added.

In the coming years the biggest employer will be industry, while the railway and parallel services, retail and real estate will be the other job creators.


Source: http://www.gulfinthemedia.com