Rail, port projects in Oman to boost income

Muscat: Oman wants to develop railways to diversify sources of income and develop the Omani ports to make them competitive and contribute towards the gross domestic product. 

Minister of Transport and Communications Dr Ahmed Mohammed Salim Al Futaisi has said that the focus was on developing a train network to enable the transport industry to become a vital resource of the Omani economy and help Oman become the gateway to the region.

Al Futaisi added that as per the vision, the aim was to link Omani ports with other GCC networks as soon as possible and integrate the transport system, bringing ports, trains, roads and airports into one integrated scheme of things. 

"That will be achieved by building competitive networks with big business and building safe and effective networks, operated by Omani management, to achieve sustainable development of the sector," said Al Futaisi.

Al Futaisi added that the total railway track length of 2,244km would be divided into nine segments spanning from the Yemeni border in the south to the UAE border in the north, and will feature double non-electrified track, mixed freight and passenger traffic, maximum speed of 80-120km/h for freight trains and 220km/h for passenger trains.


Source: http://www.timesofoman.com