Rail Recruitment Version 2

How Elite Recruitment Group can help with your recruitment needs  
> We have a unique railway candidate network
> We are a Specialized Recruiter in the Railway Industry
> We source our Rail Candidates Worldwide
> We have experienced rail recruitment consultants 
> We work with a wide range of clients within the railway industry
A Unique Rail Candidate Network
Our extensive network of rail candidates, as well as experienced consultants to pre-select them. This means that, given a market rate salary, we can source candidates with virtually any criteria.
Specialised in the Railway Industry
We focus on the railway industry, which gives us a clear edge when in comes to sourcing and pre-selecting candidates in the sector.
Global & Local Rail Sourcing
We source our candidates globally, from every country that has existing railway infrastructure. On a given project, candidates can be sourced both locally and internationally depending on the profiles needed.
Experienced Rail Consultants
Our consultants have a triple specialisation: in the railway industry, in recruitment and in the specific geographic area of a project. This enables them to fully understand the technical and HR requirements related to a vacancy and advise the client on the candidate market.
Wide Variety of Clients
Having worked with a wide range of client types we are able to source the candidates whose experience would be the best fit for each client.
Examples of client types:
  • Main Client/Project Owner
  • Transportation Studies companies
  • Project Management companies
  • Main Contractors (for Systems or Civils)
  • Sub-contractors (for the various railway Engineering disciplines)


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    Train Fleet Planning Manager, Locomotive Fleet Coordinator, Amsterdam Our client is a fast expanding European Train (Railway) company with operations in several European countries. The company is still at a small/medium size, although it is fast growing. This can provide with excellent career prospects along with the company development. The ...

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