Sweco : Updates on Getingmidjan Contract

Sweco has been commissioned for the large-scale task of upgrading and modernising the railway between Stockholm's Central and Southern stations, the so-called Getingmidjan, or "wasp waist".

In a media release, the Company noted that the contract is worth aroundEUR 10.9 million for Sweco.

"Getingmidjan is Sweden's most heavily trafficked stretch of railway, carrying over 600 trains every day. The fact that Sweco has been selected for this extraordinarily complex and sensitive assignment is a clear acknowledgement of our strong expertise in railway and civil engineering," said Tomas Carlsson, President and CEO of Sweco.

"The renovation is one of the most important infrastructure measures that is currently being planned in a national perspective. And although the stretch is located in Stockholm, this initiative is critical in ensuring smooth functioning of rail traffic throughout the country," said Kent Sahlman, Project Manager at the Swedish Transport Administration.

Sweco's work will begin work immediately and the contract is expected to run until 2021.


Source: http://www.4-traders.com