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We like to think about our rail recruitment agency the same way we like to think about trains: Fast, Reliable, Available and Cost effective. Whether you are a Governmental Agency & Owner, a Project Consultant, a Contractor Company, a Train Operations & Maintenance Company or a Railway Equipment Supplier, Elite Recruitment Group can efficiently help you:
  • Our Recruitment Agency is uniquely specialised in the Railway Industry.
  • We have an extensive international and local Rail Candidate Network.
  • We cover all types of Rail Candidates, Clients and Project stages.
  • We offer a range of services in recruitment and related HR fields (salary studies, visas, etc).

Specialised Recruitment in the Railway Industry

We mainly focus on the railway industry which gives us a clear edge when in comes to sourcing and pre-selecting candidates in the sector. Our longstanding specialisation results in us having both one of the most extensive networks of rail candidates in the world and experienced railway recruitment consultants who know how to select the best candidates amongst them.

We cover all rail systems from Metros, Heavy Passenger and Freight Rail, High Speed Railways, Light Rail & Tramways, through to People Movers and Monorails.

Our Extensive International and Local Rail Candidate Network

We have candidates from most countries in the world, from international rail expats to local staff.

Our recruitment consultants speak various languages and cover different time zones. They also have a very good knowledge of international and local markets.

We Cover All Types of Rail Candidates, Clients and Project Stages

Our consultants can source for you candidates from all railway engineering and non-engineering disciplines and with all qualifications and levels of seniority, from Top Managers and C-level Executives, Directors, Managers and Experts, through to Senior & Junior Engineers and Technicians.

We can recruit or headhunt any type of candidate in the world, or locally, using various criteria, such as candidate's previous experience on specific rail projects, the language they speak, their country, the previous companies they have worked for etc.

We serve a variety of clients from Governmental Agencies & Project Owners, Project Consultants, Contractor Companies, Train Operations & Maintenance Companies, Rail Equipment Suppliers, etc.

We are used to suporting our clients at various projects stages, from Transportation Studies & Outline Design, Detailed Design, Construction and Installation through to Testing & Commissioning, Warranty & Maintenance and Operations.

Our Range of Services

In regards to recruitment we can carry out various types of assignments from Medium-Size Recruitment Campaigns, Staff Project Teams or Single Recruitment / Search & Selection, through to Rail Headhunting for Top Management Roles or Manpower Recruitment for Larger Teams of Technicians.

In addition to our recruitment services, we also offer Salary Studies (Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking). Please see our Railway Salary Studies & Surveys page on this for more details.  

We also provide Contractor Management services if you are looking at using contractors instead of hiring permanent employees. Please see our Rail Contract Staff page on this for more details.  

Eventually we can assist you with our expertise and services in the management of visas and mobilisation of employees in local countries. Please see our Rail Employee Visas page on this for more details.

To Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements with one of our senior consultants. You can contact us directly by telephone on +44 844 561 1552 or by sending us an email at: clients@eliterecruitmentgroup.com 

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