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How Elite Recruitment Group can help with your recruitment needs  
> We have a unique railway candidate network
> We are a Specialized Recruiter in the Railway Industry
> We source our Rail Candidates Worldwide
> We have experienced rail recruitment consultants 
> We work with a wide range of clients within the railway industry
A Unique Rail Candidate Network
Our extensive network of rail candidates, as well as experienced consultants to pre-select them. This means that, given a market rate salary, we can source candidates with virtually any criteria.
Specialised in the Railway Industry
We focus on the railway industry, which gives us a clear edge when in comes to sourcing and pre-selecting candidates in the sector.
Global & Local Rail Sourcing
We source our candidates globally, from every country that has existing railway infrastructure. On a given project, candidates can be sourced both locally and internationally depending on the profiles needed.
Experienced Rail Consultants
Our consultants have a triple specialisation: in the railway industry, in recruitment and in the specific geographic area of a project. This enables them to fully understand the technical and HR requirements related to a vacancy and advise the client on the candidate market.
Wide Variety of Clients
Having worked with a wide range of client types we are able to source the candidates whose experience would be the best fit for each client.
Examples of client types:
  • Main Client/Project Owner
  • Transportation Studies companies
  • Project Management companies
  • Main Contractors (for Systems or Civils)
  • Sub-contractors (for the various railway Engineering disciplines)


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    Our client is major player in the Railway sector in New Zealand. They are currently looking to strengthen their team following the release of major investments in national rail programmes. The roles are permanent and we are looking for professionals willing to relocate to New Zealand on a permanent basis or at least for a few years. The employer...

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